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Fencing is important for establishing boundaries, adding beauty, keeping animals in, and unwanted people out. Home owners like the added security that fencing provides. Children can play freely and safely in the comforts of their own front yard. Pets can roam around without the chance of escaping. Gary Shredding is a fencing contractor in San Antonio, TX. I offer complete fence installation including backhoe digging for fence posts and tractor brush shredding for clearing property prior to installation.

There are hundreds of historical landmarks, arts and culture buildings, universities, medical centers, and major corporation headquarters that grace the streets of San Antonio, TX. Many have no fences to hold back visitors and tourists while others sport elaborate fencing. Places with public access are usually open and without fences while smaller gardens, bridges, and places that prohibit foot traffic will have fencing.

For centuries, people have been fighting over land rights. Recordings of land ownership in San Antonio, TX date back to the 1720s. Ownership may be proven with a piece of paper, but fencing is a big influence out on the range. Today, land owners still run fencing along their borders. I repair many miles of fencing along open ranges large and small. It is essential to keeping ranchers livestock confined, trespassers off the land, and accurate markings for planting crops.

Individual home owners, ranchers, farmers, businesses owners, and city officials alike are responsible for the installation and repair on the miles of fencing seen throughout San Antonio, TX. I have contracts throughout the city and rural areas to provide these services.

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