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San Antonio, TX is the center of a 47-county agricultural area of farms and ranches. There are several working farm and ranches open to visitors and even guest ranches offering many attractions about ranching and agricultural history. If you are one of these agribusinesses, you know it is important to keep the land maintained for fire prevention and the safety of animals and people.

Ranches, farms, and orchards call for larger jobs. As a tractor shredding company, Gary Shredding provides large area tractor shredding. There is plenty of oak grassland savanna and chaparral brush to remove in San Antonio, TX. I find myself clearing out overgrown paths, orchards, and freeing other large areas from unwanted debris all year round.

Residential homes within the city limits call for smaller jobs. I am prepared for any small demolition job and tractor shredding needed. The city encourages backyard composting to help reduce waste. In 2013, the city began offering an organics collection service in limited areas. For those living in these areas, you can have leaves, grass, shrubs, and tree trimmings picked up weekly. Of course, it all has to fit in a curbside green cart. What easier way to shred it into smaller pieces than to call Gary Shredding for service?

The city of San Antonio, TX also offers brush collection twice a year to only residential solid waste ratepayers. This is a good service if you are a solid waste customer. The city also has strict regulations, and residents will be in violation of City code if a pile of debris is set out when your area is not scheduled for pick up or is not properly laid out. The fines are steep. Make sure it is shredded down to small enough pieces to fit. I can do that for you.

Residents who are not lucky enough to have the city provide such services must find their own tractor shredding company. Ranchers and farmers routinely need brush shredding. Call Gary Shredding. I offer quality service and affordable prices.

I am the number one tractor shredding company in San Antonio, TX for residential, commercial, and farmland.

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